Katsuren-jo site reopen from October 1st.

Amawari Park Opening

The historical and cultural facility at Amawari Park has opened! Enjoy live performances that tell the story of Katsuren Castle’s 10th generation rule, called an aji, as well as exhibits about the history and culture of Uruma City. Before climbing the Katsuren Castle Ruins, please visit our new museum that adults and children can experience and learn about the trade routes that passed through the area during that time. These exhibits showcase excavated items found in the castle ruins, like foreign coins and pottery.


We look forward to seeing you there!

      katsuren-jo site and Amawari park Operating  Hours 
Hours of Operation:9:00AM to 18:00 PM .
Open every day .

             Admission Cost 
Katsuren-jo site (to include any permanent exhibits)
                                                  General admission

Adults(16years old and up )are ¥600.
Children (7-15years olds )are¥400.

All children under six years old are free !

The admission to Amawari park is usually 600yen for 

As a commemoration of the opening ,Amawari Park will be Free! from the opening date to the end of this year.


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